Growing flowers seems easy compared to figuring out how to sell them! One challenge that happens with every sale is figuring out a fair way to price your cut flowers – whether that’s in arrangements, bunches or wholesale.

That’s why we created this free tool to help you calculate pricing by variety, number of stems, and a markup to ensure you’re getting fairly compensated for your work. You can add as many different flowers or fillers at as many different price points as you’d like. Our Free Cut Flower Pricing Calculator will calculate the total for you, with just a click!

A great resource for choosing pricing for each variety is the Boston Ornamental Terminal Pricing – while it doesn’t include all varieties, this list is updated weekly and shows the wholesale pricing in Boston for a large number of varieties.

Cut Flower Pricing Calculator

How It Works

It’s easy to get started with our free Cut Flower Pricing Calculator. You just need to follow a few steps to calculate the perfect price for your bunches or arrangements!

Step 1: Add Your First Flower

  • Click or tap “+ Add Flower”
  • Add the name of the variety, the price per stem, and the number of stems in your bunch or arrangement

Step 2: Add More Flowers

  • Repeat the process in Step 1 for as many different varieties as there are in your bunch or arrangement.

Step 3: Add Markup

  • Add a markup percentage; this will add the markup percent to the total
  • If you already incorporate a markup in your per-stem price, you can leave this field blank or use it to add on any taxes

Step 4: Click Calculate!

  • With just a click, the price will be calculated by multiplying the stems by the price for each variety, summing them up, and added the % markup to the total.

Hopefully you find this tool helpful in your farming journey.

Happy Planting!

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