Running a flower farm is hard work. From planning, irrigation and fertilization to harvest, marketing and sales – it’s not easy! That’s why it’s a great idea to grow varieties that don’t require a lot of attention after the seeds are sown.

We’ve selected our 3 favourite varieties that are low maintenance, extremely popular with customers and ridiculously productive. Let’s get into it!


Zinnias are perhaps the most popular cut flowers to grow – and for good reason! Zinnias produce focal flowers that are fast-growing and ridiculously productive. They’re a ‘cut-and-come-again’ variety, which means that they bloom all season long – and produce more stems the more you cut them!

Here are a few more reasons they’re the ultimate low-maintenance flower.

  • Thrive in warm weather
  • Resistant to most pests
  • Minimal watering once established


Cosmos are another garden classic, and the perfect filler flower. The foliage and flowers are equally perfect in almost any arrangement. Better yet, Cosmos can grow in almost any soil condition and are impressively drought resistant. The first year on our farm, we had a patch without irrigation and poor, clay-heavy soil. Guess what thrived? Cosmos of course!

  • Drought-resistant once established
  • Thrive in poor soil conditions


Sunflowers need no introduction; while most aren’t cut-and-come again, there are some branching varieties available that can give you multiple stems. Regardless of the type, sunflowers almost thrive with neglect. They’re a true sow-and-forget variety, and can survive drought and poor soil. As an added bonus, what better flower for attracting pollinators?

  • Drought-tolerant
  • Grow in a variety of soils
  • Attract pollinators

Choosing low-maintenance flowers allows you to focus on the many other aspects of your farm, like marketing and customer engagement, while still growing beautiful flowers.

Happy planting!

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