In the flower farming industry, sustainability is more than just a trend. Try out the Flower Farm Sustainability Scorecard and delve into the roots of your practices and impact of your farms.

Flower Farm Sustainability Scorecard

Find out your flower farm’s sustainability score!


The Scorecard:

  • Biodiversity: How deeply are you rooted in using locally sourced or native flower varieties?
  • Soil Health: Are you tilling towards the future with soil health management practices? From cover cropping to raised beds, adding organic matter to your soil is an investment in your land's future.
  • Water: Is your irrigation system focused on efficiency, minimizing waste through innovative methods like drip irrigation?
  • Carbon Conscious: How green is your supply chain? Assessing the carbon footprint from seed to delivery can minimize the impact of your farm.
  • Shipping Impacts: The distance your flowers travel matters. Emphasizing local sales not only builds community bonds but also reduces emissions.
  • Pest Management: Are beneficial insects and microbial pesticides your allies in pest management?
  • Energy Efficiency: How are you shining a light on energy use - whether it's greenhouse heating or lighting.
  • Waste Management: Green waste composting turns yesterday's blooms into tomorrow's nutrients, closing the loop in your farming cycle.
  • Stewardship: Engaging in habitat restoration or pollinator-friendly projects sows seeds of sustainability beyond your farm's borders.
  • Keeping Track: Regular soil and water testing ensures that your fertilization practices don't tip the ecological balance.

Scoring & Badges: Wear Your Commitment Based on your responses, you'll receive a sustainability score ranging from A+ to C. This isn't just a letter; it's a reflection of your investment in the Earth's future. Along with your score, you'll get a digital badge to showcase on your website or social platforms, symbolizing your dedication to sustainable farming.

Why It Matters Sustainability in flower farming isn't just about the environment; it's about securing a vibrant future for the local flower farming industry. By adopting eco-friendly practices, you're not only enhancing your farm's ecosystem but also appealing to a growing market of eco-conscious consumers.

Take the Leap Ready to see where you stand? Dive into our Flower Farm Sustainability Scorecard and let your sustainability journey begin. Whether you're an experienced flower farmer on a generational farm or just planting your first seeds, every step towards sustainability is a step towards a brighter future.

Happy planting!

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