Gardeners, flower enthusiasts, listen up! I know you’ve experienced the struggle of keeping track of when to sow, pinch, or harvest your precious blooms. You might have seen a million pricy seed schedule PDFs or garden planners online, promising the moon but falling short because they only had generic varieties (like seriously, there’s more than one type of sunflower!) and were for somewhere with a completely different growing season.

Well, my friends, your search for the flower garden seed schedule that understands you ends here, with Bloom Manager.

Introducing Bloom Manager: Your Flower Farm’s BFF

Bloom Manager isn’t just any season planning platform; it’s basically a garden fairy godmother waving her free, all-in-one wand to take your flower farming from iffy to impeccable. This platform isn’t just about planting schedules; it’s revolutionized the way over a thousand small flower farms get down to business – and now it’s your turn.

Why Bloom Manager? Let’s Talk Features:

1. Automatic Plan Generation
Got dreamy visions of dahlias or thinking about a field full of sunflowers? Just tell Bloom Manager what you’re into by drawing out your rows, and voila! It spits out the perfect planting timetable, so you’re not just throwing seeds into the wind and hoping for the best.

2. Completely Customizable
Whether you’re up in the chilly north or basking in the southern sun, Bloom Manager gets it. Dial in your local frost dates, tweak those plant parameters, and watch your schedule morph into something that fits you like a glove.

3. Harvest-Focused Philosophy
At the end of the day, it’s all about those bundles of blooming joy. That’s why everything in Bloom Manager orbits around when you want to start hauling buckets full of flowers out of the fields.

4. Visual Planner Extraordinaire
Fancy a user-friendly way to plot and plan? Bloom Manager’s Visual Planner is like a game of Farmville, only better because it’s real life. Lay out your land and pick from preset varieties or add your unique blooms to the mix. Pinching, succession planting? They’ve got that covered too.

5. Master of Task Generation
Keep your eyes on the prize with a Master Plan that lays out what happens when, from potting up to that final, glorious harvest. Fancy a tweak or two? Their easy interface lets you fiddle until your flower heart’s content.

6. Keepin’ You in the Green
Stay on top of your game with reminders of what to plant and when. It’s like having a personal assistant that’s obsessed with your success and doesn’t require coffee breaks.

Free? Yes, Please!

Dabble in the CORE option, suitable for gardens and small farms, at a whopping cost of zero dollars – forever. You can use almost all of the features on CORE, but you’re limited to 25 plantings and miss out on over 750 preset varieties to plan with. Level-up to PRO for only $9 a month (that’s like, 2 coffees) and join the big leagues, with a seven-day free-trial to make you smile.

Final Bud

So, why wade through one-size-fits-none schedules when you’ve got Bloom Manager in your corner? It’s like a bespoke suit for your seeds and it’s just waiting for you to say “yes.”

Why not let technology do the heavy lifting while you do the harvesting? Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to Bloom Manager – seriously, it’s free.

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